Bright Vibes - Influencer's Choice Poland 2022

Z wielką dumą informujemy, że Bright Vibes został wyróżniony w 3 edycji INFLUENCER’S CHOICE POLAND 2022 w kategorii Pielęgnacja Twarzy EFEKT GLOW.



"Warning: this brightening treatment is addictive!"


"Created to moisturize, balance and soothe"



“This is a real LOVE. Incredibly soothing and rich cream. It’s absorbing very well, without leaving a greasy layer on the skin. Best for dry and dehydrated types, but also for those using treatments with AHAs/ BHAs or retinoids. I am using it together with retinal and I love its slightly fruity scent." @joanna.skinnerd

“A wonderful, highly nourishing and moisturizing cream with an amazing scent. Leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin and is perfect before makeup. Safe for pregnant women. My skin especially during pregnancy period craves for exceptional hydration. Aqua Resort is perfect for me and I highly recommend it!" @dominikakojro_yoga

 „I was applying Aqua Resort yesterday evening for the first time and I am totally amazed! It has a wonderful texture and a delicate scent. My skin was instantly plumped, hydrated and in a great comfort. This cream is almost like a hug for my skin - so smooth and soft. It’s been a long time since I liked any cream so much and Aqua Resort delivers an immediate glow effect on the skin!" @make_up_by_ola

“This cream works wonders for my dry skin. I highly recommend it if you need very strong hydration + restoration of the skin’s barrier. Keep in mind that it’s not going to absorb "right away". It doesn't bother me too much though because it works great with makeup." @kaawik

“My biggest discovery of this year is Aqua Resort from Say Hi. It’s exactly what I love: it is very rich, but non-greasy, moisturizes very well and spreads easily on my skin." @pieknoscdnia

  “Moisturizing cream from Say Hi is a novelty in my makeup case. I gave it a big five today! It absorbed quickly and worked nicely as a base for natural, glowy makeup. It deeply moisturized the skin, plus this amazing color." @agawilkmakeup



„The best moisturizing cream ever” @yogi_ania

“I regularly use Smoothie Skin cleanser and Blue Balance moisturizing cream in the morning - and let me tell you one thing - it's a perfect match for my combination skin! This cream is ultra light, perfectly moisturizes and has a pleasant texture, perfect for morning routine. It doesn’t overweigh my skin and gives a subtle matte finish so my skin doesn’t shine too much. Thank you Say Hi for this little daily pleasure for my skin.” @paulinarogoska

“It’s a first step in my morning routine before applying makeup. A perfectly balancing cream with semi-matte finish." @karolina_.hanulak

“This cream has an ultra lightweight texture and I haven't seen anything like that for a long time. It’s absorbing very quickly and I feel like my face and neck are well taken care of. It’s visibly moisturizing, but also mattifying the skin, which makes it a great makeup primer. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT." @lawendowepudelko



“New oil + clay cleanser from Say Hi – a beautiful packaging and a great content inside. I'm totally in favor! I’ve been testing it for some time: it is naturally green and delicate. It perfectly removes makeup in the evening and gently cleanses in the morning. Very effective and exciting formula.” @racjapielegnacja

“This gentle cleanser is a game changer. And this smell!” @ciaobasia

“My December discovery: Smoothie Skin cleanser from the new Polish brand Say Hi.” @kate_borkowska

“New on my skincare shelf, a very interesting face cleanser from Say Hi. Its texture is very surprising, a bit of oil, a bit of milk, as if these two textures were mixed. I’ve never used such combination. And here it comes and removes beautifully all impurities from my face, also make-up. But what’s most important for me, it is gentle enough to be used also as an eye makeup remover.” 👀👀👀🤪 @radzka

“A very nice cleanser. It works very well both during evening make-up removal (no eye irritation or "fog" on the eyes) and for morning cleansing. It doesn’t leave any greasy layer on the skin or tight skin effect.” @joanna.skinnerd



“This brightening cream is my favorite so far. I recommend tapping it into the skin, and not rubbing in. You need to wait for a moment so it absorbs well before applying makeup." @anna_zejdler (former editor-in-chief of In Style Poland)

 “I am not a big fan of scented skincare, but this cream was a love from the first sight because of its fragrance. So delicate and beautiful that I quickly became addicted. I am just finishing this cream thinking: „what an excellent product of this new, promising Polish brand”. Its original formula reveals amazing, visible results. It moisturizes, brightens the skin and protects against discoloration. In the evening, I am applying a "thicker layer" to enjoy my overnight, deeply moisturizing and nourishing mask. Bright Vibes has a great sunny color, it’s perfect for makeup and under SPF.” @ruda_martarudowicz (former editor-in-chief Elle Poland)

“Bright Vibes is a brightening treatment that contains two great ingredients: Niacinamide 5% and N-acetylglucosamine 3% for post-acne and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation! I like this combination a lot and you might have seen it in a form of a serum, but not a cream.” @myskinstory

 "Amazing texture, delicate scent and nice ingredients." @elazywiczynska

 "It has a wonderful, creamy, velvet texture. The greatest thing is that its yellow color is completely natural, without synthetic dyes. Vacay skin thanks to this “sunny” treatment? It’s a perfect match!" @na_tropie_piekna

 „Bright Vibes – just love it!” @karolinaerdmann (owner of Yoga Beat studio)

“The concept of Say Hi stands for vacay skin all year long. Bright Vibes is my favorite, and Zosia (my daughter) stole Blue Balance right away from me. Very cool creams, invented in 100% by cool Polish girls." @mariaprokop